you will reap what you plant.

First i wanna say hello for welcoming holy ramadhan, alhamdulillah God still give me a chance to meet this holy month. I want pray earnestly this ramadhan, do good, pray good, get forgiveness from God. If i flash back to the past, there were so many times i waste for nothing on ramadhan last year, i even spent ramadhan with a cold heart couple years ago (it was when i were fed up with my job & i've problem with my fam, and my confusion about my life merge into one heavy ball on my head, and then that was my terrible ramadhan ever, i feel soooo empty. So this year i want to fix all of my stupidity to be a better people, i may not the kind girl in the world, but i'll learn as good as i can to fulfill my life. I read many quality books to improve my life and learn about values, reading is super good. Then i started to re-build my goals to get a clearer vision, its feel good. 

Some people ask me about my love life, i still just laugh - well, i mean i don't know, if the time is perfect so it will and i will have some seurious relationship, everything has its own time. Somebody said if you fix yourself to be better human so God will get you better lover too. Wish me luck okay? ;) by the way, mom bought a cute jar for cookie, but my wild imagination just come and direct me to take picture like this, a bit of vintage and classic touch haha. Ah i forgot to tell you that my wishlist number 2 is achieve (yes, that my classic mirrorless camera, yayyy! finally i got it with my effort, maybe i'll show you my fav camera someday, its suppa cute, hehehe..) okay thats toninght folks, have a sweet dreams all. God with you.

Love, mus.

pics taken on my room / using fuji XA2 & vsco filter. see more pics on my instagram 


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