In this few  weeks i’m trying to know more about my personality, i follow some test and read psychology book, it was interesting, hope i have time machine and back to my past so i choose my choice with strong faith (oh, lets forget that, i know that was imaginary thought, so lets focus on this time-present). Hm, have you heard about MBTI (Myerrs Briggs Type Indicator)test? Based on MBTI people are divided into 16 personalities, and my result of my personalities based on is INFJ, and the description is 98% correct (at least, for me). Then i want to know deeper and deeper about myself, i read a book about psychology and i understand, really understand many reason, why i ‘m super easy tired in crowded environment, why i love peaceful place, why i need space for my ownself – without distraction from other, why i really keep my privacy, why i always seek about mean/ depth of life, why i can’t talk about my life except to people i believe, and many more. I’m an introvert.

The book said there are 2 personality in this world introvert & extrovert. So if extrovert got their energy from their environment, the introvert get energy from theirself. Thats why extrovert love to talk with people as much as they can, attend party, love crowded place, talk much, etc.. cause that was their way to fill their energy. In the other way, the introvert need to calm theirself and they need free space to fill their enery, if introvert do too much extrovert activities their energy will exhausted, they’ll feel tired, can’t focus, easy to angry, etc. So there’s no problem with this 2 personality, they just have different way to living their life. The fun fact is, i realized the older i am, i learn lots of thing from this life, it was precious gift from me. I understand that everything happen has some learn or message from God. Btw, i feel enthusiast living my life recently, i try do something that i’ve never been before, i run in the morning (and it feels good!), i explore many thing, i hope i can use my time with precious thing. Allah is guide me, to be a better people. Amin

Hope you have a great day!

Mus (Mustika)

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